When a film producer arrives at the California Heritage Gallery to view Hack's paintings, he's accompanied by the artist's childhood sweetheart, a woman he hasn't seen in twenty years except in dreams, where she appears almost nightly, a heavenly image of beauty and light. Now Hack is overwhelmed with desire and despair, for she's the trophy wife of a rich man. What could she possibly see in a downtrodden, besotted artist? So, in a state of love struck dementia, he hatches an outlandish scheme to win her back: fake his own death, thereby driving up the value of his portfolio, and then under cover, continue to produce "undiscovered" work, get rich,and one day return to claim his true love, when they'll ride "Fat Boys" together into the sunset to live happily ever after. Even a loser can get lucky sometimes.

“This book has it all -- innumerable twists and turns that will keep you more than fully engaged. But I especially love the style -- laugh out loud funny at parts even as you get hit right in the gut. I've already shared it with my wife and had to write a review when I heard her chuckling from the other room. I am clearly not alone! A great read!”

“A fun read. Contemporary and easy to relate for any child of the 60's & 70's. Everybody knows Hack.”

“Jeb Harrison's characters are as colorful and multi layered as his artwork. Hack is a fascinating read about a down and out (albeit talented) artist with a dream: to reconnect with his long lost love in real life, not only in his dreams. The road Hack lays down to get from where he begins his journey to where it ends is full of twists and turns…. "Hack" is down and dirty, "Hack" is reality, and "Hack" is just plain fun. There's no guessing what happens next or how it ends. You'll just have to pick up a copy and find out for yourself. Highly recommended!”

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