The Healing of Howard Brown

The Healing of Howard Brown


The Healing of Howard Brown is a capacious and energetic narrative of self-discovery, delivered with an authentic voice that is supple, smart, somber, witty, ironic, self-revealing, self-doubting, and wonderfully lyrical. Themes of family, trust and responsibility to others, the national as well as personal past, and the life of the spirit resound throughout, with a cultural resonance involving class and race, the North and the South, the definition of masculine identity, and, centrally, the nature of mature love in a multitude of relationships-husband-wife, brother-sister, father-son- in the face of a debilitating mental illness that runs like a poison vein through the family tree.

“The Healing of Howard Brown is a magnificent quest story, ambitious in scope but intimate in tone through the first-person voice of the flawed but forgivable--and finally, admirable--Howard.  If you enjoy beautiful prose, complex themes of family and race, and a refreshingly original narrator, this book is for you.  Harrison is among the select few contemporary fiction writers who still write for serious readers."
            - Jim Heynen, author, best known for The One Room Schoolhouse

“Jeb writes with passion. His lush words envelope me in a place where feelings come out through his characters and right into my heart. His work is revealing, interesting and beautifully done. "
            - Susanna Soloman, author, Pt. Reyes Sherriff's Calls

"In large-hearted, exuberant form, Jeb Harrison tells the tale of Howard Brown, an aging teacher confronted with the deaths of his parents and the zany dysfunctions of his relatives. Through a fabulistic series of events, The Healing of Howard Brown delivers what the title promises--and shows us that a laugh can be at the heart of even the darkest moments."
            - Greg Glazner, award-winning poet; From the Iron Chair and Singularity

“The Healing of Howard Brown is a heartrending, insightful and at times hilarious family drama. In a story that ranges across America, from northern California to Louisiana, Harrison explores the deep connections of family and long-hidden secrets that threaten those bonds. A powerful novel of loss and re-connection, The Healing of Howard Brown is also the story of one man understanding his own family's history and his own place in the world. Harrison uses a light and often humorous touch to give his characters a heartbreaking humanity: his work is often reminiscent of Pat Conroy's fraught family histories and John Irving's circuitous storytelling. However, Jeb Harrison demonstrates his own unique talents in communicating the deep ties that pull us together as family and tear us apart. A marvelous book, well worth reading for years to come." 
- Ned Hayes, bestselling author of The Eagle Tree and Sinful Folk

Winner of the 2017 Independent Press Award for Literary Fiction, 5-Stars on Amazon

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