The Wrong Guy

Dear GOP (and all that identify with conservative, "right-wing" politics and ideologies),

If you are serious about advancing your agenda, you need to install new leadership, and you need to do it now. 

Let's not waste our breath making value judgments, throwing labels around, or analyzing how we got to where we are today. The fact is the ball is in your court, your team is on the field, but your coach and much of his staff are out to lunch. Meanwhile, while you're hating on "libtards" and "snowflakes," and accusing everyone on the other team of being sore losers, the things you purportedly care about - industrial and manufacturing jobs, immigration, small federal government, states rights, capitalism, etc. etc. - are going nowhere. Meanwhile, you know that globalism is here to stay, and that pining for the past will make the US less competitive in the global marketplace. 

So why are you allowing this shitshow to continue?

Standing up for your coach is like standing up for Jerry Sandusky. You know in your heart of hearts that he's, at the very least, a narcissistic autocrat, and that his family and several of his henchmen are major liabilities that are standing in the way of your progress.  You've given them their chance and they can't score, even when the other team isn't even on the field.

To belabor another analogy, you've experimented with USA Inc., and the CEO managing to the bottom line, and it's not working. Not because it can't work, but because you've got the wrong guy running the company. Would you hire a guy that has bankrupted the majority of his business endeavors to run your country?

(Oh wait. You already did. Oops.) 

One of today's popular business platitudes is "fail fast." When you realize you've made a mistake, start over, fix it and move on. It doesn't make a lick of difference which side of the aisle you're on: a bad choice is a bad choice. But, luckily for all of us, this particular bad choice has given us plenty of legal, justifiable reasons to fire him.

So, I repeat, if you really care about the conservative GOP platform, and a government that serves what you believe are the best interests of all Americans, don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

Impeach, convict, and start over while you still have the chance.  




Jeb Harrison