Jeb Stewart Harrison

Founder of Baby Bingus Books & Beats

Born and raised in Kentfield, California, Jeb Stewart Harrison grew up on a healthy diet of Beatles, Yardbirds, and Cream. Graduating from University of Colorado Boulder, Jeb went on to work for companies like IBM as an ad agency copywriter, writer/producer, creative director, and director of marketing communications. At the ripe age of 60, he enrolled at Pacific Lutheran University, got his MFA in writing, and retired to pursue his craft full time.

The rise and fall of melody, the whimsy of lyricism, and the social upheaval of his youth fuel Jeb’s highly musical writing. Whether describing the inside of a board room or the land of the dead, Harrison’s stories are each a song all their own. His debut novel, “Hack,” was published by Harper Davis in August 2012. His second novel and MFA thesis, “The Healing of Howard Brown,” won the 2016 Independent Press Award for “Best Novel.”

After a life spent moving around the United States, Jeb now lives in Northern California with his wife and labrador. When not writing, he still makes time to gig with his band every weekend.